Gubbe ensures an active life for elderly.

Gubbe is a new kind of elderly service that keeps the elderly active, helps with everyday tasks and at the same time brings a sense of security to the whole family.
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The service is customisable to the needs of your beloved loved one. The different areas you can get help with are the following:

Independent everyday life

Gubbe's service supports the elderly in everyday life by enabling an independent life at home.
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Regular exercise and activity

Lack of exercise and passivity can quickly affect an elderly person’s physical and mental well-being.
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Smooth errands & getting around

With the help of Gubbe, everyday errands and activities run smoothly.
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Social & happy life

Bringing meaningful moments into everyday life creates much-needed social interaction.
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Independent everyday life

The Gubbe service supports the elderly to live a healthy everyday life.

Nutrition and hydration

The Gubbe Helper can assist with nutrition, food preparation and adequate hydration.


Daily chores such as cleaning are taken care of together or under the guidance of the elderly.

Help with hygiene

Help with hygiene, such as changing bedding and assisting in toileting or showering, can also be arranged.

Technology support

The Gubbe Helpers are happy to help with technology such as downloading audiobooks and using the mobile phone or social media.

Regular activity and exercise

Low levels of physical activity and inactivity quickly affect the physical and mental well-being of elderly.

Going outdoors and exercising

Many elderly are afraid to walk alone out of fear of falling. With a Gubbe Helper, it is safe to go outside for walks and errands.

At-home exercises

The Gubbe Helper can guide home exercises according to the elderly person's ability. Chair exercises are a popular activity, for example to the beat of the elderly’s favourite tune.

Memory activation

Many memory diseases can be prevented by activating the memory and engaging in meaningful activities that keep the mind active.

Smooth errands and mobility

With the help of the Gubbe Helper, shopping and getting around are trouble-free.

Shopping assistance

Shopping and groceries go smoothly together when the Gubbe Helper helps with picking the right products and carrying the shopping bags.

Transport assistance & accompanying

The Gubbe Helper can help an elderly person move from one place to another or accompany them to a doctor's appointment.

Ensuring safety and accessibility at home

A safe home prevents falls and supports independent living. The Gubbe Helper can also help to ensure accessibility.

Needs assessment and purchase of assistive devices

The Gubbe Helper can help with the purchase, use and maintenance of for example hearing aids or mobility equipment.

Social and happy life

For many elderly, meaningful moments in everyday life provide much-needed social interaction.

Chatting and socialising

The Gubbe Helper enables elderly to have regular coffee breaks with a trusted friend.

Enabling self-expression

Beloved hobbies can continue with the help of the Gubbe Helper. Painting, crosswords or maybe board games?

Supporting social life

The Gubbe Helpers are happy to accompany you to cultural events or the cinema.

Enabling social influence

The Gubbe Helpers can also help with social influence, such as voting, recycling or opinion writing.

Gubbe is currently available in Greater London

How do I order the service?

First step towards a more active life

Place an order through our website. We will start by mapping out your needs and wishes.

Choosing a Gubbe Helper for you

We will choose the right Gubbe Helper for you from a pool of carefully selected and trained applicants.

Getting started through a trial visit

You will meet your Gubbe Helper for the first time through a trial visit. Relatives are welcome to join the first meeting.
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Who are our customers?

Our customers are elderly or people with disabilities who live by themselves, with a partner, or in a care facility, and need some sort of support or help in everyday life.

Some customers need help with basic necessities whilst others might need social stimulation and regular exercise.

The subscribers are often relatives of the elderly – daughters, sons, or grandchildren who buy the service as a gift. They receive a greeting after each visit.
A part of the family.
Gubbe is a preventive and rehabilitative elderly care service that supports the elderly to stay independent and active. We help with everything from household chores and guided exercising to caregiving tasks. The service is available to private homes and nursing homes - throughout Greater London.
Gubbe was founded in the Nordics in 2018, originally from Finland – the happiest country in the world.
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