Gubbe ensures an active life for your beloved seniors.

Subscribe to the Gubbe service and ensure that your elderly loved one stays active and gets to enjoy weekly visits from our trustworthy Gubbe Helper!
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Gubbe is currently available in Greater London

How do I order the service?

First step towards a more active life

Place an order through our website. We will start by mapping out your needs and wishes.

Choosing a Gubbe Helper for you

We will choose the right Gubbe Helper for you from a pool of carefully selected and trained applicants.

Getting started through a trial visit

You will meet your Gubbe Helper for the first time through a trial visit. Relatives are welcome to join the first meeting.
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Who are our customers?

Our customers are elderly or people with disabilities who live by themselves, with a partner, or in a care facility, and need some sort of support or help in everyday life.

Some customers need help with basic necessities whilst others might need social stimulation and regular exercise.

The subscribers are often relatives of the elderly – daughters, sons, or grandchildren who buy the service as a gift. They receive a greeting after each visit.
"Dad and his Gubbe Helper are both fond of cooking. It has been great to see how my own father has once again found the spark to cook homemade meals for himself."
Mary, 38, Gubbe service subscriber

What is a Gubbe Helper?

Our Gubbe Helpers are trustworthy persons who have been carefully selected through our screening process.

100% safety guarantee - our Gubbe Helpers are DBS-checked.

They support the journey toward a happier and more active everyday life for our customers.

Let's choose the package that suits your needs the best

First visit always free of charge
The service is always customised to the customer's needs and wishes
The relatives receive a greeting after each visit
100% satisfaction & safety guarantee
Hourly visits starting from £19,65 (Minimum 2 h visits)
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Three visits every week
Two visits every week
One visit every week
Visits every other week

Gubbe in the media

A part of the family.
Gubbe is the UK’s most effective* elderly care service that supports the elderly to stay independent and active. We help with everything from household chores and guided exercises to caregiving tasks. The service is available to private homes and nursing homes - throughout Greater London.
*Read about Gubbe's efficacy studies here!
Gubbe was founded in the Nordics in 2018, originally from Finland – the happiest country in the world.