Our mission

The starting point for Gubbe’s work is to help seniors live a happier and more active life.

Our why's

Everyone deserves to have a meaningful & active life.

Our studies have shown that elderly who use the Gubbe service have experienced a fivefold increase of their activity level.

Friendships across generations.

We all have our passion and interests. Our Gubbes are eager to learn from our customers and to share their own knowledge and experiences.

A job with a purpose.

We make sure our Gubbes are comfortable with us. Our work community is social and encouraging. We train our Gubbes ourselves and support them from day one.

Behind Gubbe

Greetings! We are the founders of Gubbe, Sandra and Meri-Tuuli.

Sandra is behind Gubbe’s original idea and the founder of the company. She is a marketing professional, wife and mother. In her free time, Sandra spends time with her family and writes an interior design blog. You may also find her at a golf course or doing crossfit. She would like to learn from our customers about plants and gardening.

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Meri-Tuuli is the second founder of Gubbe, a master of health sciences, a wife and mother. She is a teacher of health sciences and has experience working as a physiotherapist for the elderly. In her spare time, you can find her jogging or behind the camera lens. She would like to learn more about our crafts and get life learnings from our customers.

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At the Gubbe office we are a team of around 50 energetic, ambitious and warm-hearted persons, who all want to see a world where every single elderly person has a happy and active life

Compassionate care for a better quality of life.
Gubbe is the UK’s most effective elderly care service that supports the elderly to stay independent and active. We help with everything from household chores and guided exercises to caregiving tasks. The service is available to private homes and nursing homes - throughout Greater London.
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Gubbe was founded in the Nordics in 2018, originally from Finland – the happiest country in the world.