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Gubbe is the best employee benefit in the UK, with a real impact on employee wellbeing.
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Benefits for the employer

Peace for working

Healthy employees

Positive visibility

A more motivated and engaged employee with increased concentration - a more productive employee.
Reduces stress, anxiety and absences.
Profile yourself as a modern employer - visibility in Gubbe's social media channels.

Did you know that 89% of your employees take care of their own parent? How do you take care of your employees?

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London Daily News interesting article about our employee benefit, which is sparking a lot of interest in the United Kindgom!

As the race to attract and keep the best talent is making businesses explore more modern perks, caring for relatives has emerged as the latest employee benefit top firms are looking into.
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Elder care has emerged as a highly demanded addition to the corporate wellness programs. 

By incorporating Gubbe Employee Benefit as part of your Employee Wellbeing Program, you allow your employees to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and stay committed to the work.
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employees are responsible for the daily care of an elderly parent.
report increased stress levels, anxiety and depression as a result.
says that the responsibility of taking care of an elderly parent has had a direct impact on reduced work efficiency.

Benefits for the employees

Less stress

Help with organising everyday life

Real-time information on the health of your beloved elderly

Reduces everyday stress and anxiety.
Concrete help with caring for an elderly, such as going outdoors, buying groceries, eating and cleaning.
Greetings after each visit regarding the health and mood of the elderly

"The fact that my employer is able to bring in help is really important when I'm going through hectic years with taking care of both my kids and parents. We have all sorts of employee benefits, but this definitely the best one!"

- User of Employee Benefit -

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Kiitos ihana! Olemme pian yhteyksissä.
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Compassionate care for a better quality of life.
Gubbe is the UK’s most effective elderly care service that supports the elderly to stay independent and active. We help with everything from household chores and guided exercises to caregiving tasks. The service is available to private homes and nursing homes - throughout Greater London.
Read about Gubbe's efficacy studies here!
Gubbe was founded in the Nordics in 2018, originally from Finland – the happiest country in the world.