Gubbe is the best solution for finding help & companionship for your elderly loved one.

The platform connects students to elderly who need help with housework, staying active, transportation, technology lessons and more.

missioN #1

Help elderly people to live a longer, happier and more active life.

Happier & more active elderhood.

missioN #2

Create meaningful jobs for young people to prevent social exclusion.

Problem & Solution

Relatives struggle with not having enough time to help their elderly loved ones.

Gubbe offers safety & peace of mind for the whole family.

Contact us

☎️ +358 40 835 8367


Compassionate care for a better quality of life.
Gubbe is the UK’s most effective elderly care service that supports the elderly to stay independent and active. We help with everything from household chores and guided exercises to caregiving tasks. The service is available to private homes and nursing homes - throughout Greater London.
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Gubbe was founded in the Nordics in 2018, originally from Finland – the happiest country in the world.